Who Is 

Kore Rozzik?

Kore Rozzik has risen from the underground to give the rock community the breath of fresh air it desperately needs.  Fans have described the live show

as “Organized Chaos” and “a true high energy rock and roll experience”

 Their live sets on tour have earned them the reputation as: A can’t miss

 live act. Variety is key to the Kore Rozzik sound which contains classic

 metal vibes with a modern day twist, think of Alice Cooper and Motionless

in White in a blender.


After years of organizing their own events and supporting national acts

in New York City.-The band finally broke out and began playing festivals

and DIY tours with the likes of Bunny The Bear and others in 2017. 

After the release of their first official Music Video “Mistress”

The band began to gain more fans and simultaneously naysayers. Many considered the Video controversial due to its horror and suggested violent undertones. Nevertheless the

band was signed to Cleopatra Records and released its debut record “Vengeance Overdrive”.



A bold move for a new act – Vengeance Overdrive was a detailed concept record featuring connected songs and skits based around the character of Kore Rozzik aka The Bastard Child Of NYC. The record hit a nerve with many classic metal fans as it told the story of a misunderstood musician who just wanted to be a rock star. With themes of slander, bullying, horror and the occult- it has become a cult classic among many fans.


As the record hit the Metal Charts the band embarked on their first mainstream national tour supporting the also controversial figurehead OTEP. The Band was well received and continued touring thereafter as much as they could to support the record. In 2019 the band landed a tour as direct support for Globally Renowned Guitarist Nita Strauss (Alice Cooper).

The band had truly arrived as fans and tour mates respectively gave Kore and the band their seal of approval.

The tour got rave reviews night after and night and further expanded Rozzik’s new fanbase penned the “Kore Locos”.


 With the aftermath of the covid pandemic the band is back in the studio putting the finishing touches on new music. A few singles will be released and hit radio in late 2021.